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Over 40 years of Sanders - we make things happen!


1978 Heinz Sanders


We make things happen! That was the motto of our founder Heinz Sanders in 1978.

Heinz Sanders founded the company on November 15, 1977 after 27 years of professional experience in the sale of machines and tools. The company soon outgrew his garage at Waldluststrasse 33 in Papenburg. He hired his first employee, Alois Feldker, on April 1, 1978. On July 7, 1978 (with second employee Ernst Hahn who joined the company on October 1st, 1978) the company moved to new premises - a large building that would be used as a salesroom and warehouse rented from Heinz Lüken at Mittelkanal 81. By the end of 1978 there were five employees.

Heinz Sanders' expertise and drive meant it didn't take long until the building on Mittelkanal also became too small. In 1981 he acquired the current premises in Papenburg, Friederikenstraße 100 from Frau Leffers, Landmaschinen-Schlosserei Leffers (agricultural machinery locksmith).


1983 Haus Sanders


Our founder left us much too soon on January 12, 1982 at the age of 45 after a serious illness. He never would see his dream of moving to his own premises come true.

On January 1, 1983, his widow Rosel Sanders founded Heinz Sanders GmbH together with Alois Feldker and Anton Hunfeld. In July 1983 the company moved to fully-renovated new premises. The number of employees grew to 10.


In the autumn of 1988 Mr. Hunfeld resigned.


1992 Bau Maschinenlagerhalle Heinz Sanders GmbH


In 1992 the building was expanded to include a machine warehouse. Our first sales fair took place that September.

1992 Hausmesse Firmenjubiläum Heinz Sanders GmbH


First sales fair for the company's 15th anniversary - 23-25 September 1992.

1993 Neue Lagerhalle Heinz Sanders GmbH


The workforce grew steadily to include 16 employees. Another warehouse was built in 1993.

Rosel Sanders and Alois Felder ran the business until 1995. In June Rosel Sanders sold the company due to health reasons to Alois Feldker and Hermann Hebbelmann, who became its managing directors.

In 1997 we leased a machine warehouse in Lathen with storage space of 2600 square meters.


2003 25-jähriges Betriebsjubliäum Heinz Sanders GmbH


In September 2003 we celebrated our 25th company anniversary with sales fair in Papenburg. It ran from September 25th to 27th, 2003 and there were 50 exhibitors. The workforce now consisted of 25 employees.

2006 Rosel Sanders


Rosel Sanders died at the age of 61 on April 5, 2006.

2007 Neue Lagerhalle Heinz Sanders GmbH


After ten years of renting, we were keen to have a building of our own and looked around for potential locations. The Lathen municipality proposed a new build on the A31.

Taking the requirements of our customers into consideration, we built a large hall with an area of 3000 square meters. It would house crane equipment and a cleaning area for used machines. This new building meant we could store new and used machine tools up to a weight of 30 t.


January 2008 Antoon Scholte-Aalbes became a director after 11 years with the company.

In the same year we celebrated our 30th anniversary with an sales fair in the now completed machine hall in Niederlangen. The fair included more than 70 exhibitors and proved productive and informative. Around 2000 visitors from business and politics made their way to our new hall for the sales fair and inauguration ceremony.

The picture shows the managing director with CDU member of the Bundestag Gitta Connemann.



Construction and completion of office wing in November 2012 (500 sqm). The previous office and retail space was demolished at the end of 2012.


Construction of Papenburg salesrooms in January 2013. As the sales space in the headquarters in Papenburg was too small and clearly showing its age, it was increased to 1,450 square meters. Construction work was completed in August 2013.

The grand opening took place in September 2013. For three days over 80 suppliers presented their range of products and services in the sales space of 2500 square meters.


On June 30, 2016, Alois Feldker stepped down after 33 years in management but stayed on as a consultant. Jürgen Suntrup joined the management team on July 1st, 2016 after 12 years of service. There were now 46 employees.


In June 2017, industrial welding machine manufacturer Lorch Auenwald and Heinz Sanders GmbH celebrated their 25-year business relationship at an open day. Around 100 business associates came from far and wide to attend expert talks and live demonstrations of the latest welding technology.


In 2018, Heinz Sanders celebrated its 40th anniversary with a sales fair in its Niederlangen branch. 87 suppliers presented their latest technologies and innovations in the machine hall and in a large marquee. Around 2,500 visitors, businesses and well-wishers attended the exhibition.


Construction of a new branch in Spelle started in summer 2019 and construction of a second machine hall started in Niederlangen. The number of employees grew from 50 to 57.


Neueröffnung Standort Spelle


The new branch in Spelle was completed in summer 2020. The official opening took place on July 1st, 2020. The branch has an area of around 400 m², selling everything around tool and industrial needs and and specialising in compressed air and welding technology. Our services are complemented by a workshop.

The team in Spelle currently consists of 7 employees.