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NKO | Anfassystem UZ30 EXPRESS

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NKO Anfassystem UZ30 EXPRESS, Other Metal Processing, Other machines, Deburring Machine


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49779 Niederlangen

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Chamfering system UZ12 ULTRALIGHT - KIT 30° + 45°
Maximum bevel width 12 mm with automatic feed

The UZ12 ULTRALIGHT is one of the lightest automatic beveling machines
advance in the market. Thanks to its compact size and light weight
it is not only suitable for workshops, but also for assemblies. The
Machine is equipped with the automatic feed and therefore does this
Working with the UZ12 ULTRALIGHT very comfortably.

* For conventional steel (up to 600 MPA/87022 PSI strength),
Brass, copper and aluminum materials
* For chamfering workpieces with the minimum dimensions of 65 x 60 x 3 mm
* Application range of sheet thickness 3 - 35 mm
* Beveling of pipes from an inner diameter of 95 mm
* Variable setting of the desired bevel using an exchangeable holder kit
for any given angle
* Double-sided bevel (X, K) with no material handling
* Silent working
* Equipped with an automatic feed
* Stationary or mobile use
* The machine works with large workpieces without any support
a speed of 1.8m/min
* Smaller workpieces are placed directly in the machine
* Lightweight and compact design, handleable by one operator
* Motor thermal protection

- Max. bevel width (hypotenuse): 12 mm
- Bevel angle: 30° / 45° / 22.5° / 37.5° / 50° (replaceable KIT)
- Area of application sheet thickness: 3 - 35 mm
- Motor: 400W
- Feed speed: 1.8 m/min
- Dimension: 470 x 294 x 523 mm

** We can also offer you an optional 3D manipulator (mobile) for this
device on **


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Screenreader label

Technical specifications

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work piece width:
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workpiece length:
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